Female Entrepreneurs Strive for Sustainable Utilization of Natural Resources: Future Garden Product Made from Finnish Waste Wool

For a long time, wool from meat sheep has ended up as waste due to the raw wool price not covering the production costs. The wool from meat sheep is not suitable for the textile industry, and its other benefits or potential have not been fully understood yet.

Woolherd, a company led by three women, has set a goal to discover and develop new innovative and impactful solutions for the utilization of waste wool in sustainable development. In addition to waste wool, the company processes other organic resources at its farm in Kemiönsaari, Finland, whose benefits have not been fully recognized or utilized.

"We have boldly adopted a new and unique approach to promote the sustainable use of natural resources. In addition to bio wool, we will be introducing other sustainable development products," says Jessica Timgren Forss, the CEO of Woolherd.

As a novelty, garden utility products made from waste wool, called Magic Wool and Sub-Irrigation Wool, are being launched. They are used for plant fertilization. The wool contains nitrogen, carbon, as well as absorbs calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, and other nutrients when decomposing into the growing medium. Relative to its weight, wool can retain moisture up to 30% without feeling damp, thereby reducing the watering needs in the garden.

The newly launched products belong to the Bio Wool® family and are suitable for small household pots as well as for gardening and greenhouse use.

"Bio Wool is a 100% Finnish natural product with a small carbon footprint. It is an excellent choice for those who want to make more sustainable choices!"

This is how it all started

Woolherd started with one product called “Woolpad”, when we found out the magic of using unwashed wool for mud fever, increasing blood flow, recovery and cuts to name a few.

We fell in love with the idea of using good materials from Europe and we are expanding into three different categories, PETS, LIFESTYLE and GARDEN.

Woolherd is a brand for those who stand for simple, elegant designs with a touch of nature. Join the Woolherd family and start exploring here.