Our story began in 2018 when Jessica Timgren-Forss, former professional show jumping rider from Finland, had problems with one of her horses who had mud fever. She knew that back in the old days wool was used for various skin problems and wanted to give it a try.

At her home, Westankärr Gård on Kimito Island in Finland, Jessica and her husband Filip have a sheep farm. They decided to try their own sheep wool to see if it would work on her horse’s problematic skin. And did it work? Absolutely! That’s when they knew that they should make it available for other people as well, and Woolpad was born.

After seen the response of the clients, we wanted to create more products with a touch of nature, keeping the sustainability in mind and making sure that no material goes to waste. This is how the Woolpad was extended into a whole family; The Woolherd.

Woolherd inteds to use Finnish and other European manufacturers and is constantly seeking new suitable products to widen the herd.