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Woolen Hug Bundle

Woolen Hug Bundle

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Bandages & Woolpads is a bundle containing a pair of our black Woolen Bandages and a package containing two Woolpads. 
This is a perfect set for using as night bandages to speed up recovery and prevent injuries. Woolpads are also useful for treating mud fever, cuts, and other skin problems. Our Woolen bandages and Woolpads are the perfect pairing as they are both 100% wool, making them breathable and promoting increased blood flow. 

The woolen bandages have no elasticity and can also be used during riding without worry of tightening them too much or overheating.

2 x Woolpads in one package.
Size: 40 cm x 50 cm.

2 x Black Woolen Bandages. Size: 315 x 12 cm. With a heavy duty Velcro fastening. 
Ships in  2-4 days.


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