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Woolpads are made out of 100 % carded unwashed sheep wool shorn from our own sheep twice a year. The magic in the unwashed wool is the lanolin oil that is naturally in sheep’s wool. Lanolin has many health benefits and is, for instance, used in a lot of baby products. Wool has been used for centuries for treating cuts and swelling, Wool regulates body temperature and is therefore suitable for both cold and warm weathers. Wool increases blood flow, is breathable and biodegradable.

How to use Woolpads:

Woolpads are used as pads on horses legs for various skin problems, swollen legs and for preventing injuries as well as healing mudfever.

2 x Woolpad in one package.
Pad size: 40 cm x 50 cm.

Woolpads are:

* 100% natural sheep wool
* Increase blood flow and decreases swelling
* Shortens the healing process of cuts
* Ethically produced in Finland

One natural product for many purposes, nature's got you covered!

Woolpad - Woolherd